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Re-Brand for University of St. Thomas

Screenshot of St. Thomas homepage

From the winter of 2015 to early 2016, I was a part of the re-brad initiative for the University of St. Thomas. The re-brand included the entire institution and it’s communities.  I was asked by Senior VP K. Motes to represent on the rebranding committee, a highly visible project that touched many parts of the university. My UX expertise and design knowledge had proven that I have ability to collaborate and partner, making myself a valuable member of the committee.

Branding changes were made to all major web assets, applications, email and blogs, as well as a microsite, which promoted the re-brand campaign kick off. My work specifically included the St. Thomas home page,  home pages for all schools (Law, CAS, SSW, etc.), expansion of our Castor Reference site  (insitutional website template – I’m the lead UX designer), and brand updates for many web applications.

Below is a screenshot of the main St. Thomas homepage

Screenshot of St. Thomas homepage

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