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    Outdoor Spider-Man Movie Night & Printables

    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night

    This post is sponsored by Spider-Man: Far From Home

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spider-Man: Far From Home, available now on Blu-ray™ and Digital. All opinions are 100% mine.

    Halloween is just weeks away, we love our backyard and thought why don’t we have one last fun night outdoors with our family under that stars, watching Spider-Man: Far From Home. I’ve created the ultimate movie party with these DIY movie ideas for both outdoors or indoors. Tasty treats, comfortable seating, Spider-Man/Halloween/movie decor tips, activities, and more.
    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie

    Let’s get this started off right, if you are or aren’t a fan of the well-done Spider-Man movies, yah should! They’re incredibly well made, funny, suspenseful, and enjoyable for the entire family. Spider-Man: Far From Home is about the young Peter Parker (the dreamy Tom Holland), aka Spider-Man, who is about to join his high school best friends (including Zendaya as MJ!) for a European vacation to leave behind his super heroic ways for a few weeks.

    This was our first time watching Spider-Man: Far From Home. We watched it on Digital and we loved the movie so much we watched it two times in a row. The impressively-designed Mysterio illusions, twisted and playful plotlines, and the endearingly sincere Spider-Man were our favorite. One of the funniest moments in the movie features the still inexperienced hero, who accidentally orders a drone strike on a romantic rival, thanks to a pair of sunglasses left to him by the late Tony Stark (Iron Man), enhanced with a computerized tactical support program called EDITH. Make sure you watch for the end credits to see Peter’s escapades are far from over.

    Spider-Man: Far From Home is available on Digital, Blu-ray™, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD.

    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night

    Outdoor & Indoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Ideas

    To make things fun for the movie and with Halloween around the corner, I decorated for both Spider-Man and Halloween themes. I wanted to create a memory the family won’t forget!

    Printable Movie Ticket

    Before the event had started, I created faux movie theater tickets that are Spider-Man: Far From Home themed and included the party and RSVP information. Best of all, the Spider-Man movie tickets are for you and your friends to use too! The movie tickets are editable, you can add any of your party information. Just download this PDF, print, and send the tickets as a party invitation!

    Movie Entrance

    When the guests arrived, they were welcomed with a table lit by a movie theater inspired sign that says, “SHOWING SPIDER-MAN“, the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie poster, and a table lit and decorated for the hallows of the night. The area nearby had a dreamy backdrop for the perfect night outdoors or indoors to watch the best movie.
    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night
    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night

    Candy & Popcorn Bar

    No movie is complete without popcorn and candy, I set up a table filled with Peter Parker pizza, a candy and popcorn bar, easy snacks, and Spider-Man juice which was covered with red paper and cut out Spider-Man eyes which I designed. Simply print the Spider-Man eyes PDF, cut the eyes out, and glue to any surface. The decor was pretty simple, I found halloween items online and from previous years to fill the table space. I created a few signs that were Spider-Man themed to better describe the food.
    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night

    Comfy Seating & Ambient Lighting

    I went back and forth on how to set up seating so it would be fun and comfortable for the kids. Laying out blankets on the grass seemed like it might not be super comfortable for an entire movie, so I found inexpensive comfy pillow-like pads and loaded them up with a few pillows. I set a basket nearby filled with blankets and flashlights to keep the kiddos warm. We used our outdoor furniture and poufs as extra seating.

    The scene of the night truly felt relaxing in a comfortable ambiance of strung lights, lanterns, and a faux fire pit that can be done outdoors or in your home.
    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night

    Movie Screen & Projector

    As for the movie screen, we used a roll of white canvas, screwed it into an old stand we had lying around. Though you could hang up a white sheet or use a light-colored wall outdoors or indoors. The movie projector was borrowed from my parents and was bought online. Local libraries also tend to rent out projectors like the one we used.
    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night

    Other Activities

    I thought it would be nice to have a few activities for folks to do either before or after the movie and set up a tic-tac-toe game. You could also use an outdoor bean bag game, or make s’mores with or without a real fire.
    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night

    If you are wanting to see a new movie that is fun, thrilling, and is great for the family, check out Spider-Man: Far From Home on Blu-ray™ or Digital”, you won’t be disappointed! And remember to download your own Spider-Man movie tickets for your next ultimate Spider-Man or Halloween party. We had a fantastic time and hope you will too!

    Outdoor Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Night

    The gorgeous photography was created by Kara Petta Photography.