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    Hello all!! I’m so excited to share my recent “HIDDEN GEM”. I’ve been looking many years at the Pottery Barn Anywhere chairs for our kids but I can’t spend $129 for one chair. I found a solution!!! sells these exact chairs at a unbeatable price and more. They refer to their brands as “Brand X” because they “X” out the brand name in order to prevent returns to Pottery Barn.  Who knew you could get Pottery Barn items half off? You MUST check out these deep discounts and many more Brand X products.

    We LOVE Regular Sized Ugly-Where Chairs, $59.99

    The Ugly-Where chair comes in three different sizes – Mini {My First}, Regular and Large {Oversized} – with an array of fabulous colors, patterns, appliqués and FREE personalization. Save 20% today through Friday, June 6th at midnight. Use coupon code: designlovelife.

    We got two Regular Ugly-Where Chairs with personalization and are too excited for words! They are light weight, masking it easy for the kids to move and play with. It’s a must buy for the kiddos. It arrived in two small boxes near our front door, but in a day or so it was less wrinkled and normal size.  They are LEGIT…with the Pottery Barn tag on each chair. I just had to share my half off find.  It’s rude not to share!! says: “What do you get when you take an authentic “Brand X” Anywhere Chair slipcover and put some UglySak (our brand) Anywhere Chair foam inserts? It’s an Ugly-Where Chair!  The foam inserts are made of the same quality foam as the original inserts. We know this because George, our foam supplier, told us so. George has been in the foam business since the dawn of man, so we trust his assessment of qualities of foam. In fact, I think we’ll just refer to him as George (PATF) , the professor of all things foam (PATF). I’m sure he would like the title…We vacuum pack these in order to squeeze them into a regular sized shipping box to save on shipping costs. When opening the package, please be aware that it will take a few days for the foam to return to its normal size.”

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