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Best Holiday Outfits For The Holiday Season

Holiday Outfits For The Holiday Season and All Family Members

Are you a mama like me who preps the entire family, especially during the holiday seasons with thing like making sure holiday outfits look some what decent, buy gifts, wrap the gifts, organize the events, cook and bake BUT enjoys every bit of it? Here is a quick list of the best holiday outfits for anyone in the family.

Best Holiday Styles For All Family Members

My family consists of my hubby, our two kids (boy and girl) and myself. Both my husband and myself have large families so we have a lot of holiday events. During Thanksgiving we usually have at least three turkey celebrations and during Christmas we have at least 6 family events. Needless to say, it’s nice to have some holiday outfits picked out in advance, so when your on the last hour of time, you have some go to ideas.

Note: Each Outfit area has a navigation feature on the left and right side of each section.

Best Selling Women’s Holiday Outfits:

Men’s Holiday Outfits:

Girl’s Holiday Outfits:

Boy’s Holiday Outfits:

Additional Bonus, Pet Finds!:

And For Your Pinning Needs, A Condensed Pic of All…

Holiday Outfits For The Holiday Season and All Family Members

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Inspiration: Climb and Peace Will Follow

Quote: Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. - John Muir

The Climb

Over the past few years, I have done some soul searching. I have worked very hard at who I am as a human being, wife, mom and friend. I have learned to not let the unknowns or fear get in my way or define who I am. And having faith does indeed…actually work!

Today my friends, I bring you this magical quote “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.“, by John Muir.

I have been climbing mountains, obstacles and anything that comes my way. And you know what, times have been hard but man they have been GOOD! Life is good.

But I have found tools that have helped me along the way. I look to nature as my grounding mechanism and have found a sense of peace and calmness through the rays of sunshine deep into my soul.

I hope that your day today is magical and filled with so much sunshine and love! Cheers!!

Quote: Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.  - John Muir

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Noonday Collection Purchase With a Purpose

Collection of noonday collection jewlery

Are you like me and looking to update your seasonal wardrobe, more so with fall trends? I have found something, Noonday Collection

What is Noonday Collection You Might Ask?

Noonday Collection is the worlds largest fair trade jewelry and accessory company, who partners with Artisan Businesses, alleviating poverty in some of the worlds most vulnerable communities by providing dignified job opportunities across the globe. Using fair trade practices, Noonday Collection connects these Artisans to a global market and empowers them to grow sustainably. Through Trunk Shows, Noonday Collection gives women the opportunity to use their purchasing power for good. In addition, Noonday Collection gives 10% of sales at Adoption Trunk Shows to help adoptive families bring their children home!

Every purchase, every trunk show, and every hostess and ambassador are doing their part to build a flourishing world where children are cherished, women are empowered, people have jobs, and we are connected. 💙🌍🌎💙

Artisans from around the world

You Can Be Part of Making a Difference With Noonday Collection

Purchase with a purpose by shopping this link or clicking on any image below and check out the gorgeous Fall and Christmas line for 2018! Ladies, this jewelry is not only beautiful, but it was made by hand by someone who now dreams of brighter days ahead. It is so much more than jewelry! It is style made with love and is changing the world one bracelet, earring, necklace, scarf, or handbag at a time!

You may place an order anytime before the show and the link will remain active until October 26th.

Thanks for looking ladies! Enjoy!

Collection of noonday collection jewelry

The Jewelry and Why Its Special

Noonday Collection Item

1. Ipanema Necklace

Made with Love in Uganda
This piece is handcrafted by a Ugandan Artisan Business run by Jalia and Daniel, Noonday’s first Artisan Partners. In partnership with Noonday, Jalia and Daniel have grown their business to provide fair work to hundreds of local assemblers and bead-rollers. In addition to supporting dignified job creation in their community, we partner with Jalia and Daniel to provide no-cost daycare and scholarships to children of Artisans.

Noonday Collection Item

2. Crescent Moon Earrings

Made with Love in India
India is our largest partner country. Today, over 1,400 Artisans in communities across India work to create the stylish accessories our customers love. We specifically seek out Artisan Businesses who focus on providing dignified work to the most vulnerable members of their communities—especially women.

Noonday Collection Item

3. Belief Necklace

Made with Love in East Asia
Introducing a collection of refined accessories lovingly assembled by women in East Asia who have found freedom from sexual exploitation through dignified work. Perfect for everyday wear, each piece gives opportunity to a woman across the globe. Wear yours as a reminder that your story matters—and so does hers.

Noonday Collection Item

4. Wildflower Clutch

Made with Love in Peru
In the capital city of Lima, Peru, purchases are from a talented third-generation silversmith who focuses on employing migrant workers who are vulnerable to exploitation. In the rural regions of the country, partnering with Artisan Businesses who provide flexible knitting and embroidery work to women, allowing them to work from home while their children play nearby.

Noonday Collection Item

5. Trinity Studs

Made with Love in India
In India, craft is a tradition that has deep roots in local communities. Our Artisan Partners harness a variety of techniques from all over India—from glassblowing to metalworking to leather tanning— to create styles that are a testament to the beauty of collaboration.

Noonday Collection Item

6. Beginnings Bracelet

Made with Love in India
Who says you can’t mix your metals? Silver, gold, and oceanic hues combine for this perfect one-and-done arm accessory.

Noonday Collection Item

7. Constant Cuffs, Silver, Set of Three

Made with Love in Peru
Our urban Peruvian Artisan Partners combine an expert level of skill with the finest metals and stones to create heirloom-quality accessories. In the rural regions of the country, women craft stunning textiles using vibrant yarns and traditional Peruvian motifs.

Noonday Collection Item

8. Alma Earrings

Made with Love in Haiti
For our Haitian Artisan Partners, sourcing quality materials can be difficult. In response to this challenge, the Artisans are transforming metal from oil drums into beautiful accessories. By combining an eye for design with a spirit of creativity, these Artisans are turning their country’s challenges into opportunities to innovate.

Noonday Collection Item

9. Woven Dreams Bracelet

Made with Love in Guatemala
In Guatemala, young girls grow up watching their mothers and grandmothers create traditional crafts by hand. To make our jewelry, Artisans use glass beads and tiny looms to create intricate designs. For our handcrafted scarves, women use natural dyes whenever possible. They boil local flowers, berries, and bark to create styles that are both beautiful and eco-friendly.

Noonday Collection Item

10. Pirouette Earrings, Red

Made with Love in Haiti
This piece is created by the same leather on ballet slippers from Artisans in Haiti who are building better lives for themselves and their families through dignified work. Haiti is a country that has faced numerous challenges, from government instability to natural disasters. The Artisan Business we partner with works to create sustainable, fair work for members of the community, as well as providing housing and emergency support.

Noonday Collection Item

11. Leather Leaf Earrings

Made with Love in India
These leather earrings are so fun and easy to wear, with just a touch of glimmer.

Noonday Collection Item

12. Gold Droplet Necklace

Made with Love in Ethiopia
As they move through fields of coffee, wheat, and sorghum, Ethiopian farmers scan the ground for a very different harvest—artillery shells from former conflicts. Local craftsmen melt the shells down to create beautiful beads, then transport the beads to women in Addis Ababa who string them into beautiful accessories.

Noonday Collection Item

13. Silver Droplet Necklace

Made with Love in Ethipoia
In Ethiopia, we partner with Artisan Businesses seeking to bring hope and dignified work to women emerging from vulnerable situations. Many of the women who craft our pieces are HIV+ or are beginning new lives after working in prostitution on the streets of Addis Ababa. Through fair and meaningful work, these women are overcoming stigma, pulling themselves out of poverty, and rediscovering their value and worth.

Noonday Collection Item

14. Parallel Ring

Made with Love in Kenya
In creating items for our collection, Kenyan Artisans use recycled brass from padlocks and other unwanted items to craft accessories that are elegant and friendly to the environment. By harnessing traditional brass casting and hammering techniques, the Artisans craft one-of-a-kind accessories with a timeless beauty.

…And AMAZING Christmas Items…

Collection of noonday collection jewelry

Noonday Collection Item

1. Peruvian-Pom-Wreath


Made with Love in Peru
Want a holiday wreath that’s full of life and environmentally conscious? This gorgeous pom wreath is handcrafted by Artisans in Peru and is bursting with life, bringing color and vibrancy to even the darkest winter nights.

Noonday Collection Item

2. Upcycled Snowflake Ornaments, Set of 4

Made with Love in Haiti
Metal from oil drums and other unneeded items are given new life for these elegant ornaments. Each is hand-finished with a holly colored leather backing.

Noonday Collection Item

3. Patina Ornaments, Set of 4

Made with Love in India
Made with patinated brass as vibrant as turquoise yet light enough to hang anywhere, this starry-night set of ornaments is as beautiful as it is resourceful.

Noonday Collection Item

4. Paper Heart Ornament

Made with Love in Uganda
Put a little love on your tree (or wall!) this season with this handmade paper ornament that carries a beautiful story of hope. Each ornament creates opportunity for the Artisans who made it, making it a meaningful addition to any home. To create the perfect paper beads, our Ugandan Artisan Partners hand mix each dye color and check every bead for quality. Their work is where art and precision meet—a careful cut here, a touch more blue there—to create consistently beautiful accessories.

Noonday Collection Item

5. Dancing Bells Garland

Made with Love in India
A holiday statement, or year-round decor? Each Dancing Bells Garland is crafted from upcycled fabric in assorted hues for a festive look.

Noonday Collection Item

6. Bazaar Bells

Made with Love in India
Handcrafted by Artisans in India, these rustic brass bells are the perfect way to ring in winter. Hang these beautiful bells in your own home, or gift them to someone with a taste for rugged chic!

Noonday Collection Item

7. Huipil Luggage Tags, Assorted

Made with Love in Guatemala
In the villages of Guatemala, women take great pride in stitching an array of vivid colors and motifs onto their cotton garments, called huipiles. Our Guatemalan Artisan Partners transform these traditional textiles into gorgeous luggage tags that brighten up every journey.

Noonday Collection Item

8. Tapestry Journal, Assorted

Made with Love in Guatemala
Tell your story with this leather-accented journal cover, made from traditional Guatemalan textiles known as huipiles. Each vibrant huipil textile is individually crafted by women in Guatemala to express their unique heritage. Every pattern is one of a kind, making these assorted journal covers a meaningful way to bring together your story with stories from across the globe.

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Spooky and EASY Halloween Party Ideas

Spooky and EASY Halloween Party Ideas. Halloween Decorations, Games and Recipes

Here is a post on easy Halloween decorations, games and fun recipes.

How much do you love Halloween? The costumes, Halloween decorations, candy, excitement, scary stories, seeing friends and family… How much do you love EASY WAYS of doing things like throwing a party, decorating, prepping food, and still running a family?…ME..Me!!

I’ve always been fond believer of prepping and organizing for parties but let’s be real, I don’t have time for that. We all have busy lives but want to spend time with one another, it’s near impossible to go all out with everything. Here is a collection of spooky and the EASIEST Halloween party ideas for all!!

Follow along if you dare…

Spooky and EASY Halloween Decorations and Party Ideas


Row 1: 3D Bat Stickers, Wicked Witch of the East Legs, Creepy Halloween Decor Gauze
Row 2: Spirit Chalk Platter, Spider Web 3 Pack Bowls, Faux Flameless Dripping Candles
Row 3: Spider Web Lace Table Clothe, Garland, Apothecary Bottle Labels
Row 4: Purple and Orange Mini Lights, Come In My Pretties Doormat, Animated Crystal Ball That Talks, Pack of 6 Feathered Black Crows


Row 1: Witch’s Potion, Easy Caramel Apples, Mummy Hotdogs
Row 2: Pumpkin Spiced Pretzels, Pumpkin Veggie Platter, Pumpkin Water Bottles
Row 3: Mummy Juice Boxes, Melted Witch’s Bark, Rice Crispy Treat Brains
Row 4: Caramel Nacho Apples, Bloody Orange Blackberry Rum Punch, Jack O’Lantern Floats
Row 5: Witch’s Fingers, Snack Mix in a fun cup


Row 1: Party Photo Props, Touch and Feel Coffin, Halloween Mystery Bags
Row 2: Candy corn bags, Projector to display outdoors, The Goonies
Row 3: Hocus Pocus, Hotel Transylvania 3, Ghost Busters with Nerf Guns, Spider Web Game
Row 4: Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Toss, Bobbing for apples, Spider Races

Looking for more Halloween decor ideas, check another blog post from Design Love Life.

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Fall Favorites Under $30 on Amazon

Fall Favorites Under $30 on Amazon. Fall Fashion Must Haves.

Fall Fashion Must Haves

Are you looking for new fall fashion must have pieces but don’t want to spend an arm and leg? Me too! I put together a group of $30 or under finds from Amazon! Let me know what you think or if you wanna share anything with me. I’d love to hear from you!

Fall Favorites Under $30 on Amazon


Black Button Dress, Pink Button Dress, Asymmetrical Gray Bodycon Dress, Black Comfy Windowpane Dress, Black Bubble-Sleeves Flowy Dress


Green Loose Knit Pullover, Gray Comfy Sweater, Black Soft-Chunky Long Cardigan, Army Green Long Cardigan, Pink Light Loose Sweater, Gray Chunky Cardigan, Oatmeal Chunky Turtleneck Sweater

Short-Sleeve Tops:

Two Pack Pattern Tees, Raglan Block Tee, Be Kind Tee, Be A Nice Human Tee, Long Gray Casual Tunic,

Long-Sleeve Tops:

Waffle Tunic Henley, Black Loose Button Blouse, White Lace Blouse


V-Neck Gray Hoodie, Black Tulip Sweatshirt1/4 Zip Camo/Gray Pullover


Camo Performance Leggings, Shiny Leather Athletic Leggings, Faux Leather Leggings

If you are looking for more fashion finds, check out my other fashion blog posts.

This post is not sponsored and are items that I would or have personally worn or bought.

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Faith and the Unknown are Greater Than Fear

Inspirational Quote: Faith and the unknown are greater than fear quote.

Inspirational Quote

I normally don’t write about my personal life on this blog, though I’d like to post more from time to time. Hoping that I can help others and share my learnings along the way. Here is a story about what one small quote did for me.

This past year has been a great year of growth not only for myself but my family. We sold our first house, on our own after 10 years of making memories with our family. This home was were we brought home our first puppy, our newborn babies to and made so many special memories. BUT we found our FOREVER house, nestled on 4 acres in the country, with a pond, plenty of space to run and we couldn’t be more grateful nor blessed for this divine time in our lives. We took the leap and did it! It was so much blood, sweat and tears BUT WE DID IT!!

Change was the wave of the time and I didn’t stop making changes for myself. After 7 years of working for the University of St. Thomas, I found a new work home that had everything I could have asked for. Seriously, EVERYTHING on my wish list was there. I manifested and prayed so hard and got my dream job. I truly got every little thing I had asked for!

Upon the holiday season, we lost a very special person, Nana. Nana, was my husband’s grandma who was the glue to the family. She had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. She had this contagious laugh that gave you a sense of joy! She wore sequins and loved every bit of it. She didn’t care who you are, where you were from and she accepted you! She was Nana!!

And Then There Was The Quote…

With all of these BIG changes, I needed to do some soul searching. I started using audible, during my drive to and from work, and began listening to self improving books. I’ll write a separate post on my favorite self improving books.

One quote that hit home was, “faith and the unknown are greater than fear“. Wow! The first time I heard this quote, I had immediate goosebumps and felt the most amazing “Aha” moment. YES, having faith and not being afraid of the unknown has allowed myself and my family to grow and we’ve grown BIG! We got the house of a lifetime, we lost someone very special but it reminded us how blessed we are to have family in our lives that are as thick as glue. I landed the job that i’ve been dreaming for since I could remember. And you know what I finally am not afraid; not afraid of the what if’s and who this person is and what they’re doing, where I should be… I am ME and I am happy to say that I am a good person. It took me 34 years to be able to say that out loud without getting choked up. “I am a good person!”

So here it is folks, a quote that I will never ever forget and I hope you don’t either.

PS – the quote came out of the the book, You Are a Badass, by Jen Sincero.

Inspirational Quote: faith and the unknown are greater than fear - quote

This post is not sponsored content, all information is of my own desires and opinions.