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Target’s App: Cartwheel

Today, I thought I’d share a lil app called Cartwheel, which is AMAZING!! I believe I’ve saved almost $70 at Target, this year. Plus another $170 using Target’s debit card.

target cartwheel appTarget’s app called Cartwheel is basically an app that allows you to have additional savings on items every time you shop in store. You start with a amount of  items (which are really deals), adding them to your shopping cart. There are hundreds of deals to choose from and all can be added and removed to and from your cart. It’s a wonderful app and there are categories to choose from that help as well to help find better deals. Some items are also sale items found in the weekly ad, you can double up on deals and save almost 40% off on items. Deals range from all departments from grocery to clothing to household items.

To use the app, open the app up on your phone, select the “my cartwheel” area from the menu and have the cashier scan the bar code!
target cartwheel app

There are so many ways to find deals at Target, no you too can use the Cartwheel app, along with the debit card, which takes 5% off instantly after connecting the card to your checking account. One last deal is to sign up for their mobile offers. After doing so, you receive text messages with even more deals.

Check out more information about this app from Target’s page.

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