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Spooky and EASY Halloween Party Ideas

Spooky and EASY Halloween Party Ideas. Halloween Decorations, Games and Recipes

Here is a post on easy Halloween decorations, games and fun recipes.

How much do you love Halloween? The costumes, Halloween decorations, candy, excitement, scary stories, seeing friends and family… How much do you love EASY WAYS of doing things like throwing a party, decorating, prepping food, and still running a family?…ME..Me!!

I’ve always been fond believer of prepping and organizing for parties but let’s be real, I don’t have time for that. We all have busy lives but want to spend time with one another, it’s near impossible to go all out with everything. Here is a collection of spooky and the EASIEST Halloween party ideas for all!!

Follow along if you dare…

Spooky and EASY Halloween Decorations and Party Ideas


Row 1: 3D Bat Stickers, Wicked Witch of the East Legs, Creepy Halloween Decor Gauze
Row 2: Spirit Chalk Platter, Spider Web 3 Pack Bowls, Faux Flameless Dripping Candles
Row 3: Spider Web Lace Table Clothe, Garland, Apothecary Bottle Labels
Row 4: Purple and Orange Mini Lights, Come In My Pretties Doormat, Animated Crystal Ball That Talks, Pack of 6 Feathered Black Crows


Row 1: Witch’s Potion, Easy Caramel Apples, Mummy Hotdogs
Row 2: Pumpkin Spiced Pretzels, Pumpkin Veggie Platter, Pumpkin Water Bottles
Row 3: Mummy Juice Boxes, Melted Witch’s Bark, Rice Crispy Treat Brains
Row 4: Caramel Nacho Apples, Bloody Orange Blackberry Rum Punch, Jack O’Lantern Floats
Row 5: Witch’s Fingers, Snack Mix in a fun cup


Row 1: Party Photo Props, Touch and Feel Coffin, Halloween Mystery Bags
Row 2: Candy corn bags, Projector to display outdoors, The Goonies
Row 3: Hocus Pocus, Hotel Transylvania 3, Ghost Busters with Nerf Guns, Spider Web Game
Row 4: Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Toss, Bobbing for apples, Spider Races

Looking for more Halloween decor ideas, check another blog post from Design Love Life.

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