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Faith and the Unknown are Greater Than Fear

Inspirational Quote: Faith and the unknown are greater than fear quote.

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I normally don’t write about my personal life on this blog, though I’d like to post more from time to time. Hoping that I can help others and share my learnings along the way. Here is a story about what one small quote did for me.

This past year has been a great year of growth not only for myself but my family. We sold our first house, on our own after 10 years of making memories with our family. This home was were we brought home our first puppy, our newborn babies to and made so many special memories. BUT we found our FOREVER house, nestled on 4 acres in the country, with a pond, plenty of space to run and we couldn’t be more grateful nor blessed for this divine time in our lives. We took the leap and did it! It was so much blood, sweat and tears BUT WE DID IT!!

Change was the wave of the time and I didn’t stop making changes for myself. After 7 years of working for the University of St. Thomas, I found a new work home that had everything I could have asked for. Seriously, EVERYTHING on my wish list was there. I manifested and prayed so hard and got my dream job. I truly got every little thing I had asked for!

Upon the holiday season, we lost a very special person, Nana. Nana, was my husband’s grandma who was the glue to the family. She had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. She had this contagious laugh that gave you a sense of joy! She wore sequins and loved every bit of it. She didn’t care who you are, where you were from and she accepted you! She was Nana!!

And Then There Was The Quote…

With all of these BIG changes, I needed to do some soul searching. I started using audible, during my drive to and from work, and began listening to self improving books. I’ll write a separate post on my favorite self improving books.

One quote that hit home was, “faith and the unknown are greater than fear“. Wow! The first time I heard this quote, I had immediate goosebumps and felt the most amazing “Aha” moment. YES, having faith and not being afraid of the unknown has allowed myself and my family to grow and we’ve grown BIG! We got the house of a lifetime, we lost someone very special but it reminded us how blessed we are to have family in our lives that are as thick as glue. I landed the job that i’ve been dreaming for since I could remember. And you know what I finally am not afraid; not afraid of the what if’s and who this person is and what they’re doing, where I should be… I am ME and I am happy to say that I am a good person. It took me 34 years to be able to say that out loud without getting choked up. “I am a good person!”

So here it is folks, a quote that I will never ever forget and I hope you don’t either.

PS – the quote came out of the the book, You Are a Badass, by Jen Sincero.

Inspirational Quote: faith and the unknown are greater than fear - quote

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