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My Top Spanx Favorites

If you’re like me and sometimes you are in need of a good tighten, tone or firmness to your silouette, you should give Spanx a shot. Spanx has been around for over a decade and dubbed as ‘Hollywood’s Big Secret’.

As a recent mama, I need a little help smoothing my figure, so I use Spanx, and they’re worth every penny, giving me a good boost of confidence!

Whether you’re plus size or petite, they have a greater purpose – these are my top Spanx favorites.

  1. ‘Slim Cognito’ Mid-Thigh Bodysuit Shaper: is the ultimate control for tummy, hips and thighs, and provides a slight lift for the rear.
  2. ‘In-Power Line’ Super Power Panties Mid Thigh Shaper: slims and shapes the tummy, hips and rear while the legband-free design ensures a sleek, smooth line on the thighs.
  3. ‘Bra-llelujah!’ Underwire Bra: eliminates any showing of bra lines.
  4. ‘Tight End’ High Waist Tights: offer smooth shaping from the torso through the thighs and rear.
  5. ‘Look at Me’ Ribbed Leggings: trims and tames the tummy for a sleek fit.
  6. ‘Tight End’ Shaping Tights, Emerald Green: comfortable shaping to slim the tummy, hips, thighs and rear. Available in multiple colors.

Spanx can be bought at Spanx.com, but also almost any department store: Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Target (special Spanx styles made for Target). More varieties are sold for maternity and men too.

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