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DIY: Front Door Wreath How to

DIY: Front Door Wreath How to | Annie Johnson - Design Love Life

Who is ready for spring? I am and so is my home. I decided we needed something on our front door that says “Welcome”, feels peaceful and calming. I decided it’s time to create a simple-floral wreath.

I began researching online for many styles of wreath…and Oh man!!..wreaths our expensive. I knew I COULD create something cheaper and more presentable for my personal taste.

olive wreath from amazon

After hours of researching online, I found the best fit for our front door. I found this olive wreath from Amazon and got it for a decent deal $34! I’ve noticed that this is a seasonal item it ought to be bought at this price! Side Note: an olive branch is a sign of peace and how welcoming is that!?! Right!

I got the wreath knowing that it needed something more: more color, texture, etc. After stopping at JoAnn’s I found a few different bunches of simple-artificial flowers. Let’s get to it!!

DIY – Front Door Wreath How to

What You’ll Need:

  • Wreath – I found mine on Amazon
  • Artificial flowers – JoAnn’s has a wide selection to choose from
  • Hot glue and gun – I already owned this but this can be bought at any craft store
  • Wire cutter – I owned this already but this is a must to cut the metal stems on the artificial flowers
  • Wreath hook to hang – I found mine on Amazon

close up of a wreath - diy

How to arrange the wreath:

  • Lay the wreath out on a table.
  • Cut the artificial flowers so they fit well and evenly on the wreath.
  • Arrange the flowers. I chose to arrange before glueing. I wanted to make sure I liked the look and feel.
  • Glue the flowers onto the wreath. I put a little glue on the each stem and placed the flower on the wreath. Make sure to not wait too long so the glue dries, but be cautious –  the glue can get hot and can burn your fingers.
  • Clean up any boogies or strings of glue, by picking the pieces off or cutting with a scissors.

This is how my Olive Wreath turn out! I’m pretty pleased and have gotten many compliments. I purchased this black metal wreath hook to hang the wreath.

DIY – Front Door Wreath How to

Will you create a pretty spring and welcoming wreath like mine? Check out my Pinterest “Home: Front Porch” board for inspirational ideas.

Visit Annie’s Home: Front Porch board on Pinterest.

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