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DIY: Mother’s Day Painted Bird Houses

DIY: Mother's day painted bird house

I love coming up with personalized gifts for our family members from our kids. The other day we were at Michael’s craft store and came across these very reasonable unfinished wood bird houses. I thought to myself, “how easy would this be as a Mother’s Day gift for the grandma’s” and myself. lol! I bought a couple of the $1 wooden bird houses at Michael‘s and discovered a larger butterfly house (for myself) from Amazon.

This gift is super easy for the kids to do and a lot of fun! The kids are very excited to share these gifts to their grandma’s.

wooden bird house https://www.amazon.com/T-S-Shure-Wooden-Butterfly-Creativity/dp/B017EUWWG8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470246293&sr=8-1&keywords=T.S.+Shure+Wooden+Paint+a+Butterfly+House

You Will Need:

  • Wooden houses: I bought a few small bird houses and one large butterfly house
  • Acrylic paint: I had these already, but you can purchase from any craft store. We used bright-fun colors.
  • Paint brushes: already have at home
  • Paper plates: easy paint access for all to use
  • Newspaper: for easy clean up

How to paint a wooden house for birds or butterflies:

  • Lay the newspaper out
  • Set up the paint. We used small paper plates and put a quarter size amount of each color of paint.
  • Paint away!
  • Let dry
  • Clean up

messy kids hands

Each one of our children painted their own bird house. But everyone in the family painted one side of the butterfly house.

DIY: Mother's day painted bird house

All houses turned out so cute! Are there any personal crafts or gift ideas you have created? Check out more DIY ideas from my Pinterest “DIY” board.

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