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My Noonday Why!!

Noonday Collection, a fair trade company that impacts artisans around the world in developing countries.

Noonday collection is the world’s largest fair trade jewelry and accessory company, who supports 33 artisan business around the world.

Noonday Collection, fair trade jewelry and accessories. My top 5 favorite everyday pieces.

Noonday Collection, fair trade jewelry and accessories. My top 5 favorite everyday pieces.

What is Noonday Collection, You Might Ask?

Noonday Collection is the world’s largest fair trade jewelry and accessory company, who partners with Artisan Businesses in over 150 countries around the world. In some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, Noonday Collection helps to alleviate poverty by providing dignified job opportunities across the globe. Using fair trade practices, Noonday connects our Artisans to a global market and empowers them to grow sustainably. Through Trunk Shows, Noonday Collection gives women the opportunity to use their purchasing power for good. In addition, Noonday Collection gives 10% of sales at Adoption Trunk Shows to help adoptive families bring their children home!

Every purchase, every trunk show, every hostess and ambassador are doing their part to build a flourishing world where children are cherished, women are empowered, people have jobs, and we are connected. 💙🌍🌎💙

Noonday collection is the world's largest fair trade jewelry and accessory company, who supports 33 artisan business, in over 150 countries around the world.

My Noonday Why

In the fall of October 2018, I  joined Noonday as an Ambassador. I heard about Noonday after listening to Rachel Hollis’ podcast episode, called “Mom Guilt And How To Be An Entrepreneur With Jessica Honegger“. I felt connected to Jessica’s story and read her book, Imperfect Courage. Jessica’s book is a perfect read for anyone who has ever had a big dream, but needs a little push to get out of their comfort zone and go scared! Her story and Noonday as a business hit home that I inquired about hosting a trunk show.

After having my trunk show, I was so in love with the artisan stories and the impact of purchasing pieces made on artisans and their families. In person, the jewelry is more beautiful and unique that I signed up as an Ambassador that night of my trunk show.

Want to become a Noonday Ambassador?

Are you looking for a compassionate group of like-minded women to be a part of? Ambassadors create a marketplace for Artisans around the world by partnering with Hostesses to hold Trunk Shows. As an Ambassador, you’ll help women find styles they love while sharing the stories of transformation behind our collection. Ready to join us in building a flourishing world? Launch your business today and start earning 25-30% personal commission right away. You not only change the world but you can travel the globe by earning trips to visit Artisans too! Learn more about becoming an Ambassador.

Noonday collection and my why!!

Two years later, I am still so in LOVE with Noonday and how the company, ambassadors, and customers, have given back to other human beings around the world that are in less fortunate ways of life. Noonday makes it easy for people to do just that, give back with impact.

Impact Report

Since 2010, purchases have enabled Noonday to place $25 million in orders with our Artisan Business Partners, supporting dignified jobs for Artisans around the globe. Check out the outstanding numbers, though I highly recommend you view the full impact report here.

Noonday Fair Trade company that gives back my impacting artisans around the world

My top 5 favorite everyday pieces:

I’m a UX designer for living which means I work from home and I’m on the computer the majority of the day. From being Zoom call ready to running errands, I want easy pieces that are transitional and comfortable. Noonday jewelry and accessories are my ticket. The pieces are not only gorgeous and beautifully made but on trend! I treasure each piece and wear them with pride!

  1. Halcyon Hoops, made with love in Kenya
  2. Starburst Necklaces, Set of 2, made with love in Kenya
  3. Belief Necklace, made with love in East Asia
  4. Everyday Hoops, Set of 2, made with love in India
  5. Clarity Bracelet, made with love in India

Check out the Winter Collection, Launches October 1st:

You all will adore the Winter Collection which consists of adorable and adorned ornaments, pom pom wreath and garland, a men’s line, delicate glass boxes, marble paperweights, and more!! The pieces launch today at 10 am CST. You will need to get them while they’re hot, especially the ornaments which sell out fast. (insert winter link)

Noonday collection Winter Collection for Christmas and the Holidays launches October 1st

Noonday is a global marketplace bridging talented artisans from countries like Uganda, Kenya, Haiti, India, Vietnam, Guatemala with Ambassadors in the U.S. The mission is to provide dignified work and sustainable IMPACT on the lives of the artisans and their families! Thousands of people have been given a path out of poverty thanks to Noonday and thanks to customers who shop at parties! So thank you in advance!! If you are interested in hosting, have any questions about products, or want to become an Ambassador, connect with me via email: annie@designlovelife.com 🌎🌍

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